ProCycla Modeling Tool: BMP Module

The BMP Module is a modeling tool where data from conventional anaerobic batch test or biomethane potential test can be processed by fitting empirical and kinetic equations. A complete statistical analysis is also provided, including the estimation of parameters uncertainty and its propagation to the prediction of biogas production.

Please, carefully take into consideration the following aspects about how to use the BMP Module:

  • The BMP Module accepts .xls files only.
  • The Excel book can have more than one sheet but the BMP Module will import only the first one.
  • The spreadsheet must have, at least, two columns: the first one with the time data and the second one with the values of accumulated biogas (Column Time | Column Biogas).
  • Multiple data sets: they can be imported together only if they share the column Time (Column Time | Column Biogas 1 | Column Biogas 2 | ... | Column Biogas N). In this case, the BMP Module will report the fitted parameters for each data set separately.
  • The spreadsheet must include a header for each column.
  • The spreadsheet can not have empty cells. The first row and first column can not be empty.
  • Some of the models may not be suitable to fit certain data set. The user can conclude which model fits better the data set based on the analysis of the quality indicators and the residuals plot, among other criteria.

To reference the ProCycla Modeling Tool: BMP Module please use the following citation style: ProCycla-MT. (Year, Month, Day). BMP Module.

Import data

*The BMP Module accepts only .xls files.

Data privacy statement: the imported data will not be reproduced nor stored by ProCycla.